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Forum (.net)

Introduction Although the Blog (.com) was good, there was an increasing need to have a greater platform to manage contacts of all the members of the Community. Enter the Community Forum: Even though the name suggests it is a… Read More »Forum (.net)

Blog (.com)

Blog (.com) From 2003 on, the website for the telecomHall Community moved to .com address (this current URL). It was built using and worked fine for several years. The focus was Blog (articles explaining complex things in a simplified… Read More »Blog (.com)

Celld-Group & WirelessBR

Celld-Group The first “online” form of telecomHall Community was an e-mail list, using Yahoo! Groups. The name was Celld-Group and it was a very famous group in Brazil. Almost every Brazilian telecom professional was a member. Although the group is… Read More »Celld-Group & WirelessBR

The Beginning

When we started telecomHall Community started a long time ago – in 1999. At the beginning, like every great project, it was only a dream: “What if we had a place to find all the kind of support that we… Read More »The Beginning