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Thursday, May 20, 2010 8:00:00 PM Categories: Utilities
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After Windows XP has been launched, there were some additional software - developed by the team itself of Windows - that help quite a few small tasks. These programs are known as PowerToys, and improve the functionality and our experience with Windows. Although not really a 'product' can be installed without problems, working as an additive actually very functional.

Installation and License

Installing the PowerToys is simple and fast. You can choose just what you want to install the PowerToys. Download the installation program from the Internet, and proceed with the default installation.

Program Site:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/xp-downloads#2TC=powertoys

We'll list the PowerToys that I use. There are other, make sure your meet any need.


Image Resizer

This PowerToy enables you to resize one or more images quickly with a single mouse click. (After installing, I get a new option in context menu of right mouse button when you right click on an image in Windows Explorer).


box options, choose the desired size. Can be chosen standard sizes, or you can choose the width and height.


In our example, we change the logo with a picture of hunter 435x435 to 100x100 pixels with the click of a mouse.


Tweak UI

This PowerToy gives us access to several system settings that are not explicit in Windows XP through standard interface, including mouse settings, Explorer, Taskbar and others .

Open interface Tweaky UI through the Menu: Start -> All Programs -> Powertoys for Windows XP -> Tweaky UI. For example, you can choose to have Windows automatically between a user's password.


There are numerous other options. Only a few are 'dangerous', the majority are just customization of interfaces. Anyway, use with care.


Alt-Tab Replacement

With this PowerToy, when you click ALT + TAB, and see icons for each application currently open that you moved to, you can also see a small picture of it. This helps particularly when multiple sessions of one application is open.



There are several other small utility program such as Advanced Calculator, or Command Here, which starts the DOS prompt from the right mouse click on a folder in Windows Explorer.

We suggest that you meet all existing and download those that find it convenient.



This was a brief summary of the Power Toys, helper applications in Windows XP, which provide enhanced productivity in the use of it.

We hope you've enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!

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