Outlook for Telecom and IT - Part 1

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 1:53:00 PM Categories: Email Outlook
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Begin a new series of tips, now with Outlook - Microsoft Mail program. As in all Office Suite, you can create VBA macros in Outlook, which can be useful in applications that use it as a client e-mail.



But let's start today with simple tips for using the program. Although simple, it is worth knowing.

Note: Tools such as Excel, Mapinfo and Google Earth - taht we already has initiated series of tips here - has its specific applications to our area, and it's easy to talk about using the same theme - related to Telecom and IT. But in some programs, such as from Microsoft Outlook Emails Editor, the application is much more generic, but we also use it! Therefore, tips on using it can indeed be understood as Tips for Telecom and IT!

So here we go. Do not worry, we will be brief today.


Remove Sent Emails Entry from History

When you send an e-mail using Outlook, you may have noticed, the recipient address is stored in the history list.

This can be useful when you create a new email - you can just type a few characters in the To or CC, and Outlook will display a pop up box with suggested names.


You can choose the appropriate name by simply selecting it with the mouse or even more easily using the keys up and down.


Okay, so far so good. But imagine this: you have sent - unintentionally - an email with a typo, for example This email will also be stored in history!


Another case: your contacts can change their email address, and then you end up having the same problem, since the old address them will be on the list - and you may end up sending this email by mistake.

And then, how to delete this address that was stored?

NOTE: It is likely that after you see the solution presented here, you think something like "That's just obvious. "

However, please do the following. Before reading the solution, send an wrong e-mail on purpose (por exemplo

Then try to delete this entry. If you did, congratulations, many tries and fails! If you did not, read on and see how simple it is - although it is not obvious.

First, the interface for creating messages, type one or more characters so that the entry to be deleted appears.


Then, using only the arrow keys (up and down) to select the desired entry. (Do not use the mouse!)

To conclude, press the Delete key!


Okay, this will record the name of the Outlook.



Transforming Items

Suppose you receive an email from a friend with new contact information and address.


Question: how do you include his data in your Outlook Contact List?

Of course you can follow the natural steps. Click on Contacts (1), then click New (2).


And then switch between the windows (New Contact and received Email) and go copying and pasting all the data in the new entry blank (3).


Okay, this works.

But want to know an easier way to do this?

Then, simply drag the Email with the mouse to your Contact Shortcut!


And see what happens!


Well, it is clear that not all information is filled in automatically, such as telephone. But it is a terms help create the entry, with basic information already filled in, no?

Moreover, the body of the email, with information, is stored in the Notes field - bottom right. If you're in a hurry, the entry can now be saved, and you can edit it later.

This was possible thanks to what is known as Transformation Items in Outlook.

And the best part is that you can make that transformation between any items!

For example, you can drag a Task:

to Notes:


The possibilities are many. Practice and see how you can increase your productivity - especially if you're a big user of all the functions that Outlook provides as Organizer.



This was the beginning of a series of quick and simple tips on Outlook Software. Although Outlook is not a unique or specific software for the Telecom and IT field, it is used by such professionals.

And the tips, while simple, can bring gains in the execution of daily tasks, thereby increasing our productivity.

Hope you enjoyed. I look forward to questions and comments. And until our next meeting!