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telecomHall Forum was moved to another place. Please click here to join telecomHall Forum. But maybe you would like to read some notes first:

telecomHall Forum is available only in English. 

Yes, we know it is more convenient to read in our native language (for those whose are not native English speakers).
But there's also no doubt that anyone who wants to dive into the World of Technology, Telecommunication and so on, MUST be able to communicate using this language.
Keeping the Forum in a universal common language also gives the benefit that we can have everything in one single place.
So, at this place we'll put together the most experts contribution and the ability to learn/improve your English.
Note: don't be shy! If you are not too confident, use a translator to help you start. But simply: do not give up! We'll be there for you whenever you need! :)

telecomHall Forum is hosted in another domain (it's an another site).

This means that the two sites are entirely independent, and you must create a username and password. But do not worry, they are only 3 fields, and you can even log in with your social network you prefer.
Just like you, we would also like to have an integrated Forum with our main domain. It would be much more convenient. However, although our current platform of the main site has a sufficient Forum ... but that it is not exceptional. So we decided to go to a whole new Forum that met our expectations and that would be even better for our community. :)

telecomHall Forum has a totally different vision, a new philosophy!

It's a different, next generation Forum platform, with the primary goal of simplicity - because the discussions, after all, can be enjoyable! (Notifications, Mentions, RealTime and more).

So do not waste more time. Join us, and if you have any other questions, post it right there. :)

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