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You don't need to pay anything to access the entire content of telecomHall. The portal will continue to bring - as possible - the largest possible amount of information that really matters. Nothing is charged for any published content - written, as in Tips and Course Sections. Any additional files of these sections, as well as the archives of the Section of Jobs. Including other sections that will available in time.

In Hunter Section you can also always access all the content - the procedures already taught and to come. Not even need to register for free on website (although I thank everyone who did and does it) to receive the weekly Newsletter. Ongoing and will always continue to teach how to work with this concept - here called Hunter - to create real business applications as the most fantastic in the market - but only using macro programming - VBA, Google Earth, MapInfo, etc.. That is, using the resources you already have!

However, the issue of sending all applications and macros with the source code, has become a complicated subject. The Hunter suite, which allows you to do wonders as performance analysis, audits, process drive tests, among others, took many years to be developed. And so far not found anyone who devote their lives to develop applications of such a size to freely distribute.

The request for free codes has become a problem for me, and I ended having problems with people who insisted that I should give everything for free - but I did not think it's fair. Fortunately, I have a really good job for 17 years, and even better salary,  also compatible with mine - recognized - high competence and skills. I do not need self-promotion, and I'll keep quiet and bearing all the costs that a website with the size of telecomHall requires. No problem.

And so I do not need to be trying to convince anyone to 'buy' the code. Even more because this is not the main goal of telecomHall.

But just as there are people to criticize, there are those who collaborate, share - information, and participate actively taking advantage of everything the telecomHall system (website, groups, communities) is willing to provide. In a competitive market like ours, seek to evolve more, to become increasingly skilled professionals - or better - differentiated!

Then there is one - sort of - problem: what to do with these people, who participate in telecomHall, seeking a way to receive the applications and codes?

The solution?

A famous saying in the business world says: 'There is no free lunch! ". This means roughly that whenever someone gives you something actually want to end up winning or taking advantage of you.

At the risk of eventually being thought that many would believe, is not. I hope that my sincerity and honesty can be demonstrate to you that don't know me personally - I am proud to say that all who know me personally can attest to what I'm saying.

So after much thought, think of alternatives ... decided to establish a donation amount of $ 100.00. And it is really the name: donation. One way to show appreciation to someone. And it will be interpreted as a - real - contribution, or an incentive to evolve and continue the development and deployment of even more advanced applications than the ones already published. In short, everything that has ever been and it will still be available for me during the year 2011 - will be sent to you as my way to say Thank You.

As I said, I will not discuss values ​​and the advantages of the Hunter system (modules, scalability, standardization, applications, updates, source code and macros). I'm just providing a way to collaborate with people who really are interested in the subject.

I have no interest ...

That's ok! Really.

If you already have your own developments (macros, etc...), you can continue to learn - Hunter Section will continue always, and you can learn the methodologies and adapt them to their own solutions.

If you are here to learn Telecom & IT, you've probably noticed how our telecomHall Course is different telecomHall, don't you? It's a shame that I have not much time - only the nights and weekends, but at the possible pace, I'll keep dissecting random subjects of ypur total interest!

If you are here to learn the best Tips - websites and free software to greatly improve your productivity in all areas (not just IT and Telecom), also have noticed that this is what you find and keep finding always there.

If you look for a new Job, you should be getting several offers in your email inbox - by telecomHall Groups members. Not to mention a new feature - jobs georeferencing plotted on Google Earth. Again for my lack of time, could not greatly improve the application, but is now available.

And if you're here just browsing the web, thanks for visiting, and come back whenever you want: you are very welcome!


Well folks, that is. The telecomHall portal aims to provide quality information, differentiated, and that you will not find anywhere else. It was a dream of mine, which began with a simple Yahoo! Group 10 years ago - which currently has almost 4,000 members - only in Brazil!

Today telecomHall is a complete system, reaching every country in the world - where there is a professional IT & Telecom!

Finally, I am always looking for the development of new sections, all to bring you everything you need, seeking to achieve the motto of the portal: Your success is our success!

And if you want to contribute comments and suggestions, feel free!

Best Regards,

Leo Pedrini 

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