Best Free CAD (DWG-DWF-DXF-CSF) Viewer

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 9:51:00 PM Categories: AutoCAD Utilities
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As in all areas of Engineering, also in Telecom and IT technical drawing is widely used.



The professionals use specialized computer software to create their designs, and the program AutoCAD, from AutoDesk is arguably the most used.

However, not everyone who uses the files generated by this software has licensed to use it, or have it installed - but end up having to use.


Why should I use a CAD program visualization?

The answer is simple: if you need to work - or at least view - these files.

For example, you may receive a site drawing or a project in an AutoCAD format (. DWG). Windows 'traditional' programs can not open. So?



Talking a little bit about AutoCAD

As we speak, AutoCAD, from AutoDesk is the most widely used software for creating engineering and architecture drawings, as plans and designs, so let's talk a little about it.

We do not need to speak highly of its advantages, simply know that it is - largely - the most used. There is a virtually limitless number of AutoCAD files circulating around the world. This is an argument more than enough to at least be prepared to view their files, no?

But it has some features that make it into kind of a problem - for those without AutoCAD!

A feature not desirable that we have is regarding the types of files that it generates - in need of a visualizer.

The drawing files are generated based on AutoCAD in several formats, from AutoCAD Release 14, until AutoCAD 2008 (and there are differences between them). Here we have more problems, not all viewers can open all existing vrsions. Most at least offer a functionality to convert between different versions.

But in our case, we only need to view and maybe some times print the entire drawing or parts of it.


And what is the best viewer?

Fortunately, there is a free program to view AutoCAD DWG files - and that is also used widely: the Free DWG Viewer. It's fast, accurate and easy to use. Open all files like DWG/DWF/DXF and CSF. Moreover, it's free.

Let's see how to install and how to use it very simply, what we always seek.


Installation and License

Visit the program website, and download the latest version (current) in the Downloads section.

Run the default installation: Do not worry, the setup is pretty simple.

Program Site:


Program Interface

Once installed, we can open the program.



The interface and its use is very simple, so let's just show the main action, as always by examples.


Opening a DWG File

To open a DWG file, click Menu: File -> Open, or the corresponding button on the top bar.

Comes a dialog box to locate the file. Note that besides the type DWG, you can open other formats like DXF, DWF and CSF.

We opened a sample file: telecomHall_sample1.dwg.


Show Layers

The AutoCAD drawings are created in layers, and Free DWG Viewer lets you display only the layers you want (for example, when we want to print a copy of the drawing without the parts of text!).

For that, we access the Menu: View -> Layer, or more easily, click on the shortcut button at the bottom left corner.


Changing Colors

If you prefer, you can change the background colors, or even make the design monochrome.

For that, we access the Menu: View -> Background Color, or more easily, click on the shortcut button at the bottom left corner.



Using the zoom is also quite simple, and rotating the mouse wheel gives you an easily zoom in or zoom out. You can also use Pan.


And you can also select the Menu: View -> 'Zoom Window', and select the desired area on the screen.


Copying Parts of the Drawing

If you need to copy only a portion of the drawing, for example to paste into another Document or Presentation, you can use the Menu: Edit -> 'Copy Region'.


Multiple Files

If you have more than one file in the directory, you can switch between them by clicking the link on the top bar: Next File or Previous File.


Finding Text

You can also find text in the document for this, just type the search string in the text box at the top right bar. For example, we find '1 .70'. The program shows the found value.


Other Features

Naturally, Free DWG Viewer has additional features, such as the ability to save the drawing (publish) in CSF format.

But our main tutorial has shown the possible actions - that was our goal, and we can stop here.



This was a brief summary of the Brava's Software Free DWG Viewer, a wonderful program for viewing drawings of Engineering and Architecture, especially the very common DWG files from AutoCAD, from AutoDesk - a market leader, and excellent in its work.

Note: If you are interested, and have access to AutoCAD, we recommend that you take a little time to learn how to use it, and create your own drawings. Professionals with experience with AutoCAD easily find good job offers!

The Free DWG Viewer is fast, accurate and easy to use. And Free. We hope you enjoyed the tip.

Thanks for visiting, and until our next meeting! Enjoy visiting other Tips, or the Course Section, or even Hunter Section - which brings together programming tips for IT and Telecom, and also best practices and procedures for improved productivity in their day-to-day.

Remember that the differential between Telecom and IT professionals represents the difference in success!